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I'm Sam Watson and this is my website. Thanks for visiting! Here you'll be able to find my journalistic work for RSN, The Gippsland Times, RMIT & more. 

I grew up in the South Gippsland town of Wonthaggi and it's there where my number one passion was born - sport.

In my 22 year stint I've played just about any sport you can think of and I've spent just as much time watching it. Although I absolutely love all sorts of sport, I'd be lying if I said footy wasn't my clear favourite. 

I've played footy for Kilcunda Bass since I was 10 and I often say to my friends "When I realised I wouldn't make it as a player in the AFL world, I thought I better become a journo and get in that way."

In 2016 I started writing match reports on the seniors at Killy Bass. The reports were published every week in all three of my region's local newspapers. 

It was hard to write about my beloved club when they lost and it became even harder to write when I started playing in the same games I was reporting on. Unfortunately, writing "Watson was dominant across half-back" every week wouldn't go down well with a few locals. 

Back in 2014 I was lucky enough to do a week of work experience at the Herald Sun and there I was told to attend RMIT University if I want the best chance to succeed in the journalism world. 

So thankfully I did well enough in VCE at Wonthaggi Secondary College and got accepted into RMIT's journalism program. After taking a gap year I started my course in 2018 and I've loved every minute of it. 

I now feel more than comfortable doing all kinds of journalistic work. Whether that be interviewing, writing, content creating, photography, editing, presenting or producing. 

In 2020 I will graduate from the journalism program and I feel like I'm more than ready to pursue a range of roles in the sports journalism industry. 

I absolutely love the career path I've chosen and hopefully this website reflects that. 

Thanks again for visiting! 

Feel free to reach out or check out my CV.



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