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Wonthaggi locals jailed for nightclub attack

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

A PAIR of Wonthaggi locals have paid the price after leaving a man blind in one eye by attacking him in a Brunswick nightclub.

TWO men have been sentenced for an attack in a Brunswick nightclub in May, last year, which left the victim blind in one eye.

After both pleading guilty, Bradley Elmore-Jeffries, 22, will spend 3 years in prison and Brent Moresco, 20, will spend 3 years in youth detention.

Elliot Harvey, who was cornered then beaten by both men, was not at the County Court for the sentencing and Judge, Christopher Ryan told the court of his recent sufferings with “anxiety and depression”.

Harvey told media last year that despite both men having a ‘man bun’ they criticised him for having one, which sparked the violent display.

Judge Ryan labelled the attack “senseless violence by drunken young men” and the consequences will “be lifelong for the victim”.

Both of the offender's families were shocked when the men received their sentences, with Moresco’s father quietly speaking expletives aimed at the judge.

Elmore-Jeffries girlfriend, burst into tears when she learned her boyfriend would be in prison for 3 years and he mouthed, “I love you” as he was taken away.

Elmore-Jeffries will soon face trial again, this time for glassing a man at a pub in his hometown earlier this year.


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